Forever Wild, Forever Wild ...
Let It Stay Forever Wild.

— Walkin' Jim Stolkes

"The number of birds was so incredible that I found myself laughing out loud in astonishment. I had never seen so many birds in my life. When the sky at last cleared of birds and the guns of my companions fell silent, the scene was etched so clearly in my mind that I was able to reestablish my mark, and with the help of a happy black lab named Annie, my rooster was brought to hand."

—Tred Slough
Shooting Sportsman Magazine, July / August 2011

Dakota Wild at ToriLil Farm is not a farm in the traditional sense, but rather over 6,000 acres of the most meticulously managed pheasant habitat one can imagine.

  • Food plots are grown and never harvested.
  • Grassland is managed but never grazed.
  • Narrow strips of hay are cut only to rejuvenate the grass and forbes for optimal habitat.
  • Stock dams are established to provide water for summer broods and lush cattail cover for shelter in the winter.
  • In excess of 10,000 trees and shrubs have been planted to establish shelter belts for winter survival habitat and protection against the weather.

All of this is available to you, the discerning wing shooting sportsman, at Dakota Wild at Torilil Farm. Book a hunt and experience the pheasant hunt of a lifetime.

The Dakota Wild Hunt Video

Two Weeks Before The Opener