Late Season Ringnecks

December 7th, 2018

Had a great day today with our group of 7. Limited out by 2pm. Wild bird hunting at its best. Lots of roosters in the refuge and golden pond. Hen to Rooster ration was about 60/40. Great fun.


Great late season bird hunting

November 27th, 2018

Late season hunting at ToriLil Farm can be fantastic. The birds are grouped up and very wild which makes for very sporting hunting. We have plenty of roosters left at the farm. As long as we don't get too much snow or high winds, we can get after the birds. All the crops have been harvested so all the neighboring birds have moved onto our property because we have the best habitat including the all important winter survival habitat. You should think about trying a late season hunt.

Good Season

November 27th, 2018

The season has gone very well so far. We are seeing the results of the favorable hatch report form Game Fish and Parks. Most days our groups are getting limits or close to limits but always have the opportunity for a limit of birds. The colder weather is actually helping the hunting by grouping up the birds in the best habitat.

2016 Pheasant Survey show Lyman county high count

September 30th, 2016

After 2 consecutive years of increases in the pheasant count conducted by game fish and parks, in 2016 there was a statewide decrease of about 20%. However, the survey route closest to our farm had the second highest count, 13.49 pheasants per mile, in the entire state. This all bodes well for hunters lucky enough to hunt on our farm.

This years statewide count is still twice as high as the 2013 index and higher than the 2014 index when hunters harvested 1.2 million roosters. There should be good hunting opportunities on our farm this year.

2016 Season Looking Good

September 6th, 2016

We are about a month and half away from the opener and conditions on the farm look good. We have had sufficient rain to grow good food plots and we are seeing many broods sitting on the roads around the farm in the morning, especially around the refuge. So far, we are seeing many positive signs for a good season.

2013 -- So Far So Good

July 9th, 2013

We had a late spring, but so far we've had enough rain to green up the prairie and provide good nesting conditions for the birds. Chicks are starting to hatch and we have seen lots of eggs in nests. I was speaking with one guy who mows shelter belts and he said he saw a brood of 15 young pheasants. All of this bodes well for the 2013 season. Now, as long as mother nature doesn't turn off the water hose in late July and August we will be in great shape.

I've planted a large sunflower field next to my crp this year. This should bring in more Prairie Chickens and Sharptail Grouse. Pheasants like those flowers also. They generate lots of insects.

Late Season Hunting Fantastic

November 21st, 2011

Our late season pheasant is shaping up to be fantastic. The birds have grouped up so, when they flush, it is by the 100s. Golden Pond with its incredible cattail slough continues to be the magnate and contains over a 1,000 birds. Lots of roosters still abound.

Don't miss out on the late season. It can be some of the best hunting of the year. Dress warm and enjoy the robust weather. A nice hot tub and lounge awaits you at the hotel at the end of the hunt.


Birds, Birds, Birds --- Best in the State

October 29th, 2011

Our county, Lyman, has the highest pheasant count in the state. Hunters from other parts of the state are flocking to our area because we have the birds. All of our groups have limited out on pheasants each day. While numbers are down across the state, our area is hot and we have plenty of wild birds.

Just goes to show what dedicated habitat enhancement will do. Fortunately, we have not lost much crp in Lyman county and the property surrounding our farm has lots of crp and row crop.

Don't miss this opportunity for great pheasant hunting.


August 9th, 2011

The food plots are planted and coming along nicely and we are seeing lots of young pheasants. Stock damns are full and lots of moisture have created wonderful cover for the birds. All of this bodes well for the hatch and solid pheasant production.

We had no winter kill due to storms this year so the stage was set for an excellent nesting season. While conditions around the state may be a bit spotty, our area has had great weather for pheasant production and habitat enhancement.

This year we planted over 3,500 trees and shrubs in a new shelter belt that should hold tons of birds. Over 65 acres of food plots on our property have been planted. So far, the season is shaping up to be an outstanding one.


August 9th, 2011

Many, many Roosters still in the Field

December 9th, 2010

Just finished up with a group of 9 after Thanksgiving and we had limits of birds in 2 hours and we saw over a thousand pheasants! The late season is an awesome time to hunt wily ringnecks. They are smart and fast and offer very sporting shooting opportunities.

The colder weather has grouped up the Roosters and we have lots of them. All bodes well for end of season hunts and great brood stock for the spring.

Come join us.


November 17th, 2010

As the weather gets colder the roosters are grouping up to provide great sport and lots of shooting. Bring plenty of heavy 12 guage loads. These birds are quick and get up and get out fast. Modified and full chokes with number 4 shot, preferably magnum or 3 inch loads are most efficient to bring down these tough and smart ringnecks.

All groups are getting limits of birds and seeing hundreds of pheasants, sometimes in one field! This has been a great season. Don't let it pass you buy without joining in the fun.

Hauss and Annie still want to hunt for you.


November 2nd, 2010

Our 2010 bird hunting season is shaping up to be the best ever. The bird numbers are staggering and the habitat and cover is outstanding. All of our groups have limited out each day and there are plenty more wild roosters left on our farm. As the neighboring crops are harvested more birds keep pooring in to our property as the season progresses.

Late season hunts should be superb, so don't let the colder weather deter you. The roosters group up and hold better in the colder weather and the shooting is superb.

Hope to see you at Dakota Wild.

2010 Bird Season Predicted to be best in 47 years

August 31st, 2010

The recently completed 2010 SD Pheasant Survey shows a 22% increase in pheasants per square mile in our area over 2009. Statewide this is the highest count in 47 years and a 3% increase statewide over last year, which was a pheonominal year. Once again the south central area where we are located will be the best in the state.

All of this means one thing. Come to South Dakota now. Book a hunt with us and experience one of the best pheasant seasons ever. With expiring CRP contracts, no one knows how long this will last. Jeff

Lots of young pheasants

July 15th, 2010

The stock damns are brimming full and the nights have been cool so the young ones have plenty of water.

Golden Pond has a good new growth of cattails around it and the Refuge will have great new food plots that will hold lots of birds.

The season is looking good!

Book a hunt now.

May 18, 2010

July 15th, 2010

We had a real winter this past year. Fortunately, in our area we had very little bird kill. This is a testament to the incredible bird habitat we have. Tules, shelter belts and CRP really helped.

Spring conditions look good. Getting plenty of good moisture. Bodes well for the hatch.

Gearing up for the new season

July 15th, 2009

The food plots are planted and the hatch is well under way. We are seeing lots of young chicks. So far, we have had enough rain to "green" things up and fill up the stock dams. Last year was a record year. This upcoming season is shaping up to be even better than last year. Book now. This is the year to come pheasant hunting in South Dakota.